Perception and Practices of Antibiotic Prescriptions by Dental Interns - A Clinical Study


Aman Gupta
Roopinder Kaur
Shiminder Kaur Bhangoo
Sanjay Chand


Background: Curriculum of dental training in India is designed by DCI (Dental Council of India) to develop a student’s knowledge base, necessary skills and reasonable attitude that is relevant to dental practice and promotes step wise acquisition and application of knowledge and skills in life long clinical practice. Various studies have emphasized the need for development of core prescribing competencies as the pre-clinical and basic sciences subjects are never revisited nor is there an attempt to apply the knowledge of these subjects during dental internship. Objective: The aim of the study was to know the perception and prescribing practices of antibiotics used by dental interns. Materials and Method: A pre-validated questionnaire and clinical case scenarios were used to capture the perception of knowledge and skills for rational antimicrobial use by dental interns. The study also focused on the confidence, and ability of interns to recall and integrate knowledge gained in previous years to choose an antibiotic based on rational drug use. The data collected was statistically analyzed. Results: The observations from the study suggest that interns perceived knowledge of antibiotics as very important, but they were unable to apply the knowledge correctly in managing clinical problems. Conclusion: There is a huge gap between the perception and practice of antibiotic use. Regular reinforcement of drug information and discussion of latest guidelines on rational antimicrobial usage is a must during internship. Moreover, prescription writing competency should be made a part of regular dental internship training programs.


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Gupta, A. ., Kaur, R. ., Bhangoo, S. K. ., & Chand, S. . (2023). Perception and Practices of Antibiotic Prescriptions by Dental Interns - A Clinical Study. International Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences, 2077–2086.
Received 2023-05-09
Accepted 2023-07-19
Published 2023-08-02


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