Submental Endotracheal Intubation for Maxillofacial Surgery: A Report of Two Cases


Adetayo MA
Oguntade FAO
Salami OF
Ogundare EA
Ademakinwa OO


The technique of submental endotracheal intubation has been established as a safe alternative to tracheostomy and can be utilized when oro-tracheal and naso-tracheal routes of intubation are not ideal for orofacial surgical intervention. The technique is simple and avoids the complications of tracheostomy. We present 2 cases of adults with orofacial injuries requiring surgery. Both cases were managed using the submental method of intubation and the procedure was well tolerated. There were no perioperative complications and patients were discharged on the fifth postoperative day.


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MA, A., FAO, O., OF, S., EA, O., & OO, A. (2019). Submental Endotracheal Intubation for Maxillofacial Surgery: A Report of Two Cases. International Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences, 1718–1723.


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