Bilateral Destructive Ophthalmomyiasis: A Rare Case Report


Vishaka Devidas Naik
Ugam P. S. Usgaonkar


Ophthalmomyiasis refers to larval infestation of the eye. A 75 years old male bedridden since three years was brought to casualty by his neighbour after having noticed worms crawling around both his eyes. Examination revealed a poor general condition and bilateral ophthalmomyiasis with blood stained foul discharge. Surgical intervention was undertaken. More than 200 maggots were removed mechanically and it was noted that there was complete destruction of intraocular contents leaving behind the scleral shell in both eyes. Entomological examination revealed larvae to be of Musca domestica and histopathological examination of the surrounding tissue showed no malignancy. Despite intensive treatment patient died after four days of admission.


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Naik, V. D. ., & Usgaonkar, U. P. S. . (2022). Bilateral Destructive Ophthalmomyiasis: A Rare Case Report. International Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences, 11(1), 2034–2036.


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