A Comparative Study of Tracheal Intubation Characteristics Using Macintosh and Airtraq Laryngoscope


Rajiv Kumar Samal
Ratul Kundu
Moupali Ghosh
Sabyasachi Singha


Background: Direct laryngoscopy for endotracheal intubation with the Macintosh blade is most commonly used for establishing a patent airway. AirtraqTm Optical Laryngoscope, does not require the alignment of the 3 airway axes for glottic visualization.Objective: We aim to compare these two laryngoscopes in view of laryngoscopic grading, ease of tracheal intubation and hemodynamic changes associated with laryngoscopy and intubation.Materials and Methods: 50 ASA I and II patients were randomly divided into Macintosh (M) group and Airtraq (A) group. Cormack Lehane grading, ease of intubation, laryngeal intubation time in secs and incidence of sore throat was noted. HR&BP was recorded at 0, 1, 3, 5&10 minutes following intubation. Unpaired 't' test compared inter-group data, while paired 't' test compared within group cardiovascular data. (p<0.05 statistically significant).Results: The demographic data of both groups were comparable. Cormack-Lehane grading was better in group A than in group M [grade I group A(84%) and group M(60%)]. The mean time for laryngeal intubation (Mean ± SD) for group A (8.3 ± 4.6 secs) and group M (20.46 ± 6.6 secs) (t = 7.6, p< 0.01). Ease of intubation was better in group A than group M. The rise in blood pressure and heart rate was significantly less in Group A as compared to Group M.Conclusion: Airtraq laryngoscope was superior to Macintosh laryngoscope as it provided better laryngoscopic views, shorter laryngoscopy and intubation time, easier intubation and the rise in heart rate and systolic blood pressure was significantly less.


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Samal, R. K., Kundu, R., Ghosh, M., & Singha, S. (2014). A Comparative Study of Tracheal Intubation Characteristics Using Macintosh and Airtraq Laryngoscope. International Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences, 3(2), 460–470. https://doi.org/10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2014/v3i2/81292


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