Evaluation of Occupational Stress among Software Professionals and School Teachers in Trivandrum


Preetha E. Chaly
Swathy Anand P. J.
Chandra Sekhara Reddy V.
Nijesh J. E.
Srinidhi S.


Background: Occupational stress has become a major and costlier problem in modern life. Software profession and teaching profession are two most discussing professions of the time.Objectives: The study was conducted to evaluate the professional life stress level among software professionals and school teachers in Trivandrum district of Kerala, India and to compare their stress levels.Material and Methods: A cross sectional survey was carried out among 504 software professionals and 504 school teachers using a closed ended Professional Life Stress questionnaire which consists of 24 questions. Mann- Whitney test and Chi-square test were used for the comparison.Results: Out of 504 software professionals and 504 school teachers, for 23% of software professionals and 85% of school teachers, stress was Not a Problem in their life. 71% of software professionals and 15% of school teachers were in Moderate Stress level. For 6% of software professionals Stress was a Problem in their life.Conclusion: Both software professionals and school teachers were experiencing stress due to their occupation. The software professionals were suffering higher stress than school teachers.


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Chaly, P. E., P. J., S. A., V., C. S. R., J. E., N., & S., S. (2014). Evaluation of Occupational Stress among Software Professionals and School Teachers in Trivandrum. International Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences, 3(2), 440–450. https://doi.org/10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2014/v3i2/81283


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