Helicobacter Pylori in the Dental Plaque


Anissa Regragui
Amina Benaouda
Ahmed Abdedine
OumKeltoum Ennibi
Abdellah Essaid El Feydi


Background: The oral cavity has been suggested as a reservoir of Helicobacter pylori, but the assumption that the oral microflora may be a permanent reservoir is still controversial.Objective: The aim of this work is to see if the plaque can be a reservoir of H. Pylori based on data from clinical study and literature.Materials and Methods: 35 patients were recruited; oral bacterial samples were taken from patients before performing endoscopy and gastric samples. These samples underwent microbiological and histological examination with bacterial identification.Results: In periodontal samples, the urease test was positive in 33 of 35 patients, whereas no culture was positive. In gastric biopsies, the Urease test was positive for 20 samples from 35, the culture showed that the bacterium was present in 16 of the 35 patients, the Urease test and culture was positive for 15 samples from 35. On histological examination, 22 samples were positive among 35.Conclusion: Whatever the role of the oral cavity (transient or permanent reservoir of H. Pylori), a support dental and periodontal case is essential in all patients with H. Pylori in the stomach.Prescribing antibiotics for the eradication of H. Pylori in the stomach does not allow disposal at the dental biofilm; Mechanical disruption of the latter by scaling and root planing is essential.


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Regragui, A., Benaouda, A., Abdedine, A., Ennibi, O., & El Feydi, A. E. (2014). Helicobacter Pylori in the Dental Plaque. International Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences, 3(2), 396–402. https://doi.org/10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2014/v3i2/81263


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