Comparative Study to Evaluate Efficacy, Safety and Quality of Life of Metoprolol and Telmisartan versus Metoprolol and Ramipril in Patients of Hypertension


Sonia Arora
Vijay K. Sehgal
Jasbir Singh
Harcharan Singh


Background: Hypertension(HTN) is a major cardiovascular disease and is a major worldwide clinical problem. The prevalence of hypertension increases in urban and rural areas. The treatment of hypertension began in the 1960s with oral diuretics. The other modalities of treatment of hypertension are beta – blockers, calcium-channel blockers, alphareceptors blockers, ACE inhibitors and ARBs. The better compliance occurs with single-pill combination, and may be even double or even triple pill combination therapy should be used. Also quality of life was improved better with Metoprolol and Telmisartan as compared with Metoprolol and Ramipril. Quality of life was assessed by SF -36 Quiestionnare. Objective: To compare the effect of Metoprolol and Telmisartan versus Metoprolol and Ramipril on BP and quality of life in patients of hypertension. Material and Methods: In this prospective, open, randomized, parallel group, comparative study, 80 patients of hypertension attending the Cardiology Outpatient Department, Govt. Medical College & Rajindra Hospital, Patiala were recruited. This randomized comparative study was done on 80 patients for 4 months. Quality of Life: In my project of Quality of life, I had taken total 80 patients and the patients were divided into two groups and 40 patients each of Metoprolol and Ramipril versus Metoprolol and Telmisartan. To assess quality of life questionnaire SF-36 was administered to the patients. Results: There was a marked decrease in SBP and DBP with the use of Metoprolol and Telmisartan than Metoprolol and Ramipril. There was also no change in demographic parameters. There was significant improvement in the quality of life with Metoprolol and Telmisartan. Conclusion: Metoprolol and Telmisartan was a better choice than Metoprolol and Ramipril in treating hypertension as this combination causes more reduction in BP and little effect on HR.


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Arora, S., Sehgal, V. K., Singh, J., & Singh, H. (2019). Comparative Study to Evaluate Efficacy, Safety and Quality of Life of Metoprolol and Telmisartan versus Metoprolol and Ramipril in Patients of Hypertension. International Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences, 1728–1738.


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