• Utility of Pap smear screening for prevention of cervical cancer- A 3yrs study from rural Tripura – A north eastern state of India
    Saha D, Ghosh S, Nath S, Islam H
    1456-1461; DOI: 10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2017/v6i2/149896
  • Pathobiological characteristics of intestinal and diffuse-type of gastric carcinoma- retrospective study of gastric cancers
    Priyadharshini M, Narmadha R, Dhanalakshmi S, Natarajan R, Subitha S, Suganthi C, Padmavathy
    1462-1467; DOI: 10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2017/v6i2/149897
  • A study of prevalence of aerobic bacteria and fungi in sputum specimens of patients with post tubercular bronchiectasis
    Kumar GS, Lal SB, Laxmikanth M
    1468-1474; DOI: 10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2017/v6i2/149898
  • Clinical profile of subclinical hypothyroidism: A retrospective study
    Shetty M, Adiraju KP, Modugu NR
    1475-1482; DOI: 10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2017/v6i2/149899
  • Pattern of variations in superficial palmar arch and its clinical importance
    Rapotra M, Sharma A, Sharma M
    1483-1487; DOI: 10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2017/v6i2/149900
  • Histomorphological spectrum of splenectomy specimens in a tertiary teaching hospital: A seven year study
    Banerjee A, Datta A, Das S
    1488-1492; DOI: 10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2017/v6i2/149902
  • Role of stress in newly detected type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension
    Kaur B, Bedi U
    1493-1497; DOI: 10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2017/v6i2/149904
  • Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice of Pharmacovigilance among the interns in a tertiary care hospital in northern India- A questionnaire based study
    Garg P, Sharma V, Bajaj JK
    1498-1503; DOI: 10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2017/v6i2/149905
  • Socio-demographic profile and pattern of substance abuse among patients presenting to a deaddiction centre in a teaching hospital of Punjab
    Gul D, Sharma N
    1504-1508; DOI: 10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2017/v6i2/149906
  • Prevalence of Weak D (Du) in blood donors in a referral teaching hospital
    Lamba HS, Kaur K, Kaur K, Vij AS
    1509-1512; DOI: 10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2017/v6i2/149909
  • A study of comorbidity of depression, anxiety and diabetes mellitus
    Gul D, Bali K
    1513-1517; DOI: 10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2017/v6i2/149910
  • Evaluation of fibrotic changes in OSMF: A retrospective study using special stains and polarizing microscopy
    Ikram P, Jeddy N
    1518-1524; DOI: 10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2017/v6i2/149911
  • Evaluation of effect of HyFlex EDM on root dentin during root canal preparation- A stereomicroscopic study
    Sankhe DD
    1525-1528; DOI: 10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2017/v6i2/149912
  • Surgical extraction of mesio-angularly impacted mandibular third molars: an alternative instrument for the osteotomy procedure
    Anyanechi CE
    1529-1534; DOI: 10.19056/ijmdsjssmes/2017/v6i2/149914
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